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Resources to help with coping

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Distressing world events can affect everyone who lives through them. Even people who experience these events only through the media can have emotional and stress reactions.

When unexpected events happen, feeling stressed, anxious or sad is understandable. We thought you might find these resources helpful in light of Hurricane Harvey.

Common reactions to disaster

Coping with disaster

Helping children cope with a disaster

Facing the unknown after a disaster

Stages of recovery from trauma and loss

After a Disaster Guidebook

Emotional Recovery After a Crisis Guidebook

We're always here to provide you with emotional support and referrals to helpful resources. You can also check your Aetna Resources For Living website (link to the right) for a list of resources under What's New > Current National Events.

We're here to help during and after a crisis.

You can call on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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